Intercultural communication


Create perspectives together!

Training for development
of cultural awareness

A lack of awareness of cultural norms or a lack of understanding of local behaviors can affect global communication and behavior in the workplace and consequently arise:

Missed business opportunities

Team conflicts
Lack of compliance
Poor performance
Dissatisfied expats

Interactive intercultural training
in online presence training

Our innovative online classroom training offers your employees direct access to a highly qualified intercultural trainer and the flexibility of location-independent learning. They also benefit from small learning units based on a progressive pedagogical approach.

Our programs are measured by the training results as well as feedback from participants.

Intercultural training

Our intercultural training - based on the research results of renowned cultural scientists such as Geert Hofstede, Edward Hall, Fons Trompenaars, Richard Lewis, Erin Meyer - helps your employees develop the cultural intelligence they need for success in global business.

Our internal team of experts has developed a modular online program based on scientifically recognized intercultural theories.

The intensive analysis of existing literature and studies, combined with the practical and extensive intercultural business experience of our experts and trainers, offers a more communicative and interactive path to intercultural behavior transformation.

Our reimagined approach makes intercultural training a relevant, valuable and accessible option for your employees.

A global network
from cultural trainers

An essential part of our development process is the establishment of a global network of highly qualified intercultural trainers and contacts.

Continuous trainer development

Every trainer at Palabras receives introductory training with briefings before each course, ongoing pedagogical support, regular workshops and weekly feedback sessions.

Culture Skills

Optimizing communication to work effectively in a multicultural team.

Culture Change

An intensive program to prepare your employees and their families for life in Germany.

Culture Focus

Country-specific program that gives your employees the skills to be successful.

The 4 steps to success