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Learn German with us

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corporate philosophy & successful and harmonious cooperation.

Our onboarding program for new Employee places the Focus on the development of intercultural communication skills.

What do I need?

A stable Internet connection

"A fast and stable connection so that we can achieve the agreed learning objectives without avoidable interruptions."


"Their participation has a significant influence on learning success. Without adherence to the curriculum, the time frame cannot be met."

Motivation to learn German

"Our interactive teaching method only works with your participation. The necessary motivation will help you reach your goal faster.

What can you expect at palabras?

Learn the German language in a unique way.he with palabras.

Our teachers see themselves more as strategists and less as imparters of knowledge, more as trainers than teachers who guide and advise rather than correct or discipline.

To obtain a work permit and practice a profession in Germany, you need an official language certificate (B2-Goethe, -telc). A B1 level is recommended for entry, in some cases entry is also possible with an A2 level.

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