German language training

Learn the German language online and from the comfort of your own home.
With qualified and experienced teachers who not only want to enable you to learn, but also want to make it easier for you.

An official language certificate (B2-Goethe, -telc) is required to obtain a work permit and exercise a profession in Germany. An A2 level is initially sufficient for entry.
Dennoch sollte der Faktor Sprache nicht unterschätzt, sondern stetig optimiert und praktiziert werden.

Course information

All courses are conducted by qualified teachers and end with an exam.
Passing the exam does not imply an official language certificate.
The prices include extensive learning material, but not the textbooks.
Dates by mutual agreement.
We can submit missed lessons via video recording.

Course Requirements

A stable internet connection.
Desire to learn German.

Course description

A1 Course

This course is aimed at people with no knowledge of German. At this level, you will learn the basics of the German language and grammar and will be able to understand and use everyday expressions and very simple sentences. The course content is based on the competence objectives of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Participants learn orally and in writing how to introduce themselves, give information about themselves and ask for information from others, find their way around a new city and explain events from the past in simple terms.

Of course, this level is not enough to communicate in everyday life, but it is the most important basis for successfully reaching higher levels.