leading across cultures

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Onboarding, intercultural communication & coaching

A successful integration, The development of highly qualified specialists, both professionally and privately, is important to us.

Our candidates should achieve quality of life without denying their identity. At the same time, we build a bridge between employer and employee to prevent intercultural misunderstandings and establish a long-term working relationship.

Language training & visas

To understand the expectations and wishes of both sides,

successful communication is absolutely essential.

That is why we see ourselves as mediators between people, countries, languages and cultures, with the aim of satisfying the professional needs of employers and employees alike.

Leading across cultures

We specialize in intercultural onboarding programs for foreign specialists and medical professionals. We solve your skills shortage - and also relieve you of logistical and bureaucratic work. We help medium-sized companies to install, structure and systematize recruiting & onboarding processes in order to fill up to 80% of vacancies in the next 21 days.

In the intercultural communication workshops

Participants are sensitized to cultural differences and learn to communicate effectively with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. This includes not only linguistic aspects, but also the consideration of different communication styles, working habits and social norms.

Through targeted training and practical exercises, we promote a conscious understanding of cultural diversity and encourage an open exchange among team members. Our aim is to create a positive and inclusive working environment in which everyone can develop their full potential.

Our successful concept for successful integration into the labor market:

+ Avoid misconceptions about other cultures in the application and recruitment process.

+ Sustainable integration management of skilled workers.

+ Intercultural competence as a subject of international personnel development.

+ Perfect matching to your needs.

+ Concentrate on the essentials.

+ Increase in turnover - Never lose customers or orders again.

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German Language

The language department focuses on training and improving the language skills of participants through a customized range of language courses and language training courses tailored to the needs of professionals.

IIntercultural communication

In a globalized world
intercultural communication is of crucial importance. Our products transcend cultural boundaries and create bridges between different lifestyles, traditions and ways of thinking.

Visa requirements

A work visa is an important requirement for foreigners who wish to work in Germany and do not come from an EU country or Switzerland. We will be happy to advise you on applying for a visa and support you throughout the entire entry process.


Uur goal during the Onboarding phase is to provide you with all the necessary information and resources to help you find your way in your new living and working environment.

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