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Today we present the experiences of Jira, a Colombian nurse who already lives in Germany and has fulfilled her dreams.

Jira made the big decision to become part of the JN Palabras family and successfully got a job in Germany to complete her recognition. This courageous woman comes from Latin America and decided to continue her career in a new - for her unknown - country.Thanks to hard work, immeasurable commitment and our support, she was able to achieve her long-awaited goals.

When we contacted her, she already had an impressive CV and a wealth of experience in her field. We helped her to adapt her application documents to the German job market, prepared the Colombian nurse linguistically and focused particularly on her skills and experience - both professionally and personally.
We also provided support in preparing for job interviews and in understanding the intercultural challenges that can arise when looking for a job in Germany.

Thanks to her great motivation, her irrepressible will and our professional support, she was finally able to take up a challenging position in a large hospital in Germany. We are very proud to have contributed to their success and would like to invite you to take a look at Jira's testimonials.

We offer our help to all people with similar goals to improve their careers, lives and opportunities by creating perspectives.

True to the motto: Leading Across Cultures